Power for Rent

Energy Zone Power for Rent department leases generators at competitive prices and offers 24 hours back up services. Whether our customers need to rent a Diesel Generator for special event or standby emergency requirements, they can depend on Energy Zone for fast, reliable rental power. Our Rental Fleet consists of a wide range of generators, fully maintained by highly trained engineers.

Energy Zone  is one of the leading suppliers of premium, industrial and residential Electric Power Generators and Spare Parts in Ethiopia . With years of experience in the field of power generation,Energy Zone s is the perfect choice for your power solution needs.

Our temporary power fleet consists of the following:

  • Emergency generators (15 – 1500 kVA) with dual voltage standards (60 Hz and 50 Hz)
  • Auto synchronized units for bigger load demand 40 MW+
  • Sound attenuated generators
  • Load banks (400 – 700 kW) with dual voltage standards (60 Hz and 50 Hz)
  • Large capacity fuel tanks
  • Power cables & power distribution ancillaries\
  • Mobile light towers
  • Our equipments are sound attenuated, self contained and easily transportable. Designed for quick connection and fast, easy service. Our technical specialists a